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About us

The brand, Minki was born out of a love for all things beautiful.

Whilst travelling many moons ago I noticed the skills craftsmen had in remote villages of foreign countries, but with no knowledge of and exposure to the modern world’s décor trends. As I’m always busy with some project – whether it is embroidery, knitting, patchwork, pottery – I saw an opportunity to bring my two loves – crafts and travel – together.


I source handmade and ethical products. Value are added here in South Africa .At Minki we are socially responsible and the business is build on the principles of fair trade and equal opportunities.


Our suppliers are paid a decent wage for their work and no children are exploited. All our products are skilfully created in a positive and pleasant environment.


When I originally designed and imported these products, they were distributed at local markets, but a demand for them has grown my business to deliver nationwide to a selection of shops and markets. I am so blessed to do what I love!




Mienkie Swiegers 

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